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Alcohol Breathalysers (Pty) Ltd

Physical Address: 29 Plantation Road
The Gardens
South Africa
Location: Closest Corner is Plantation Road and The Avenue, The Gardens, Norwood, Johannesburg. Closest land mark is the Norwood Mall Shopping Centre which is 250 meters from our offices

GPS Co-ordinates: -26.148639, 28.077895 (Please see directions below)
Postal Address: P O Box 1955
South Africa
Telephone: 0110238955 / +27110238955
Alt. Tel. No. to dial if 0110238955 does not connect: 0101400785 / +27101400785
Office Mobile Telephone: 0646154337 / +27646154337
Fax2Email: 086 660 9411
Skype ID: alcoholbreathalysers
Sales and Export Enquiries sales@breathalysers.co.za
Reseller and Technical Enquiries: info@breathalysers.co.za
Media Enquiries Media

Product Range
  .iBlow10 Industrial Law-Enforcement Breathalyser FULL PACK
  .iBlow10 Industrial Law-Enforcement Breathalyzer BASIC PACK
  Alcoscan AL1100F VuvuThela Industry Breathalyser
  Alcoscan AL2500 Elite Personal Breathalyser
  Alcoscan AL2500 Personal Breathalyser
  Alcoscan AL5500 Personal Breathalyser
  Alcoscan AL6000 Lite
  Alcoscan AL6000 Professional
  Alcoscan AL7000 Premium
  Alcoscan AL8000 NFC
  Alcoscan AL8800
  Alcoscan AL9000 / AL9010 including Printer
  Alcoscan AL9000 including PC Software
  Alcoscan ALC-1
  Alcoscan ALP-1 for Industry and Law-Enforcement
  Alcoscan ALP-1 for Industry and Law-Enforcement BT
  Alcoscan ALP-1 incl Printer for Industry and Law-Enforcement
  Alcoscan ALP-1 incl Printer for Industry and Law-Enforcement BT
  Alcoscan Entrance Breathalyser System EBS010
  Alcoscan Entrance Breathalyser System EBS010 - INSTALLED
  Alcoscan Entrance Breathalyser System EBS010 Sensor Modules
  Alcoscan Interlock Breathalyser ALX1000
  Alcoscan Vending Breathalyser AL4000 for Pubs and Clubs
  Alcoscan Voluntary Breathalyser AL3100 including printer
  Alcoscan Voluntary Breathalyser AL3200 including printer
  Breathalyser Alcoscan Calibration and Sensor replacement
  Breathalyser Alcoscan Competency Training
  Breathalyser Alcoscan Skype Online Competency Training
  Breathalyser Steriwipes Alcohol-Free - 400s
  BreathScan 0.02% BAC Disposable Breathalysers
  BreathScan 0.05% BAC Disposable Breathalysers
  Mouthpieces for Alcoscan (OEM) AL9000 with Printer
  Mouthpieces for Alcoscan AL5500, AL6000, AL7000, AL8000
  Mouthpieces for ALP1-Alcoscan
  Mouthpieces for ALP1-Alcoscan (Blow Cups)
  SAFETY Day Breathalyser Service

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