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Alcohol Breathalysers - Sales and Distribution of affordable, re-usable, easy to use and reliable breathalyzers (alcohol testers).
Alcohol Breathalysers - saving money, time and lives!

Improve Safety:

- Reduce the risk of alcohol related accidents occurring in your workplace
- Save the lives of on-site workers and drivers out on the roads

Increase Productivity:

- Increase the productivity of your workforce by ensuring that workers are not under the influence of alcohol whilst on the job

Cost Savings:

- Save money spent on dealing with alcohol related accidents in your work place
- Save money lost through lack of productivity and repairing your damaged company assets

Our website provides for online sales or pay by EFT on Check Out. Send us an email or call us for a quotation

We offer the best prices for alcohol breathalyzers in South Africa and we will beat the pricing offered by any competitor.

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Product Range
  ..CHUBE Disposable Breathalyzer 0.02 Singles
  ..CHUBE Disposable Breathalyzer 0.05 Singles
  AlcoScan AL1100F VuvuThela
  AlcoScan AL2500
  AlcoScan AL2500 Prime
  AlcoScan AL5500
  AlcoScan AL6000 Lite
  AlcoScan AL6000 Professional
  AlcoScan AL6000 Professional with Printer
  AlcoScan AL7000 Premium
  AlcoScan AL8000
  AlcoScan AL9000 with PC Software
  AlcoScan AL9000 with Printer
  AlcoScan ALC-1
  AlcoScan Mouth Pieces
  ALP1-AlcoScan for Law Enforcement
  ALP1-AlcoScan incl Printer + PC Software for Law Enforcement
  ALP1-AlcoScan Mouthpieces
  ALP1-AlcoScan Mouthpieces - Blow Cups
  Breathalyser for Clubs and Pubs
  Breathalyser Services - Calibration and Sensor replacement
  Breathalyser Services - Competency Training
  Entrance Breathalyser System EBS010
  Interlock Breathalyser ALX1000
  Voluntary Breathalyser AL3100
  Voluntary Entrance Breathalyser System

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